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About Alfred Leung

Mr. Alfred Leung contributed over 50% of the contents in this web site on voluntary basis. There are over 20,000 edited digital images of landscape, portrait and flowers. Over 300 golden songs in English and Chinese (Putunghua and Cantonese) were sung by him. He also contributed around 80 essays in the form of biography. Most of his works were contributed starting from 2007 and up to now (but some landscape photos were taken 30 years ago) and he would like to share his works with the public through this web site. Many people, especially the site visitors around the world were inspired and benefit from his works. On behalf of www.placeandface.com and the visitors, we thank him for his constant generous contributions.

Alfred was born in Hong Kong in the 50’. Starting from the age of 23, he represented American water treatment companies in order to provide such technical services to many overseas counties and regions. He has the opportunities to learn and understand the conditions and realities in many developing and advanced countries, as well as the their cultures and humanities. He took almost a thousand slides of landscape and portraits when he traveled from place to place between 1979 and 1983. In 2003, he digitized these slides and revamped them for records and exhibitions on the web site so that places and faces of different counties in the 80’~90’ and the current decade can be revealed to the global community in order to promote tourism.

Alfred also shares with us his experience and thoughts in the last 2 decades in the form of biography. There are around 80 humorous essays with different interesting topics which talks about individual physical, thoughts, life, sex and marriage, value concept, social cultural behavior, freedom and democracy and he also presented his improvement actions, plans or proposals in his essays. Alfred wishes that when the readers gain more common understanding in the value concept, thoughts and examples as discussed in these essays, they could have more references/ options in their daily living. Living in harmony may only exist when individuals in a community have common understanding. And only under such circumstance, the communities/ countries may have the foundation of sustainable growth!

Alfred has multiple accomplishments in his artworks and performances that make the audience feel cheerful and bright. He is named as Mr. Sunshine by his fans and friends. His fans would like to learn more about his artworks/ performances and have an in-depth understanding about Alfred's accomplishments and philosophy in various aspects. Alfred feels that it may be more effective to share all these in his fans club on the Internet. He shows us, step by step, how to enjoy an artistic life and his ways and means to create/ design his artworks and performances.

Among Alfred’s arts accomplishments, vocal (pop/ heat song) is one of the most outstanding subjects. He studied the singing routes and spots of more than ten top international singing stars and developed a refreshing “Seximental” voice with his unique way of breathing, intonation and resonance. For those who understand and enjoy listening to fine song with exquisite and elegant taste; and those who like to and able to sing such songs, they will find that they got the right songs to enjoy, study and compare! Alfred’s recordings are the most original voice with minimal electronic adjustment. You would feel that he is singing and dancing in front of you in person when you listen to his songs!