D-Image Perfector (DIP) (www.d-imageperfector.com) is a specialist in digital image editing, DVD production and web page design, construction and management. It is financed by Hydrex Asia Ltd (www.hydrexasia.com), which is a Hong Kong based water and wastewater treatment engineering company established since 1977. The company's director, Alfred Leung, and his overseas friends, have a large number of high quality digital images. Some of them are being displayed on a website sponsored by DIP after editing (http://www.d-imageperfector.com/galleries_archive.html).

Since Alfred Leung has approximately twenty thousand landscape/ portrait photos, he appointed DIP to design and set up a website "Alfred Leung's Gallery". He and his overseas friends feel that it will be a good idea to share "updated" interesting/ beautiful places and faces of their hometowns on an subsidiary website "Places & Faces" (P&F), and at the same time, to raise charity funds for the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). Alfred Leung believes that this project could bring betterment to global community and promote world peace because through the creative process, the will of bringing world peace is strengthened. This project could also raise community development funds for global voluntary organizations.

At the moment, both Alfred Leung's Gallery and P&F websites have been substantially completed by DIP. Alfred Leung's Gallery shall sponsor images and slideshows to P&F for free for a period of time.

In May 2005, Harbour Junior Chamber International (HJCI) had joined this Places and Faces promotion project as the first co-organizer. HJCI is a local chapter of Junior Chamber International (A worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs) with successful experience in organizing international projects since 1977 (e.g. Guinness-recording International Children Drawing Contest and exhibition in 2005).

We are still looking for more global voluntary organizations to co-organize this vital and meaningful project. For further details, please see "Co-organizer invitation".
1. To promote Hong Kong tourism since many magnificent modern buildings, scenic spots, theme parks, ancient architecture, cultural heritage etc. still have not been revealed to foreign visitors. Hong Kong has a lot more to offer; especially for amateur photographers; in addition to those well-known tourist spots.
2. To provide a site for photographers form all over the world to introduce interesting/ beautiful places and faces of their hometowns with good quality digital images. It boosts global tourism and economy.
3. To provide free Internet entertainment suitable for whole family, especially for the parents with kids and ladies.
4. To provide channels for photographers to present their works, masterpieces to the global community.
5. To enhance mutual understanding among the general public of different nations and to promote world peace.
6. To create more job opportunities in Hong Kong in the area of IT and tourism.
7. To show our care about the betterment of global community and promotion of world peace since Hong Kong is in a very unique position.
The content will be mainly good quality images presented in slideshow with songs sung by Mr. Alfred Leung. The images are contributed by amateur photographers from all over the world. If the quality and content of those images meet the requirements of DIP and no editing is required, it will be arranged and uploaded on P&F for free. Names of the places where photos were taken will be shown below the slideshow frame. Additional editing services and personal requirements will be charged to cover the overhead cost of DIP.
1. DIP is responsible for the design, development, construction and management of the website.
2. DIP invites international voluntary organizations, such as JCI, Rotary, and Lions etc. to co-organize this project by introducing P&F to their members/ chapters.
3. DIP also promotes this website to relevant international authorities/ organizations.
1. Hydrex Asia Ltd, Hong Kong finances the website.
2. Alfred Leung's Gallery contributes images to P&F for free.
3. The web page will reserve reasonable advertising spaces for related business and commercial promotion.