Cooperation / Co-organizer Invitation
Nowadays, we can communicate globally in a much easier manner through the Internet. The website "Place & Faces", which displays good quality slideshows, is just a start of the cultural exchange program. D-Image Perfector (DIP) would like to invite amateur photographers from all over the world to present their images and slideshows with the aim to "promote global tourism, enhance mutual understanding and promote world peace". DIP would also like to invite any interested parties to co-organize this long-term project, and promote "Places & Faces" within their communities.
Criteria of co-organizer
The co-organizer should be a global voluntary (non-profit-making) organization.
The Benefits of Co-organizer
The content will be mainly good quality images presented in slideshow with songs sung by Mr. Alfred Leung. The images are contributed by amateur photographers from all over the world. If the quality and content of those images meet the requirements of DIP and no editing is required, it will be arranged and uploaded on P&F for free. Names of the places where photos were taken will be shown below the slideshow frame. Additional editing services and personal requirements will be charged to cover the overhead cost of DIP.
Proposed Job Description of Co-organizer
1. To gain regional publicity during promotion of the website
2. To raise funds for victims of natural disasters and re-construction of their homelands on a long-term basis
3. To raise community development funds for the co-organizer
Financial / materials support
1. To invite community members to contribute quality images
2. To collect email addresses for promotional use
3. To collect contributed images and select those that are suitable for the intended purpose and forward them to DIP
4. To be responsible for the communication/ promotion within the territory or organization
5. To invite advertisement within commercial sector assigned by DIP
6. To be responsible for other tasks that may be required to meet the agreed objectives

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