Fans Club
To enjoy an artistic life need not be an artist!

Does every artist know how to enjoy an artistic life?

Every mature adult may enjoy an artistic and noble life if he/ she knows the ways/ means! The purpose of Alfred Leung's Fans Club is to allow the fans who would like to share the thinking and artworks of Alfred Leung and learn how to lead an artistic and noble life.

The goal of a noble artistic life is to make an individual feels happy and excite daily on the advancements in ones thinking, artworks, appearance, figure, health, clothing, speaking, singing and performance; and to share ones experiences and works with friends, fans and the public so that the majority will benefit from such study or recognition is a kind of noble! You feel great and confident of what you are doing and how can you do better next to gain more recognition!

This fans club displays the artworks/media of Alfred Leung. It includes:
- Pop/ heat songs of golden oldies (Cantonese, Putunghua and English)
- Advanced level singing / vocal coach in Alfred Leung's way
- Alfred Leung's Singing / Stage Performance Biography
- Videos of MTV and song/ dance drama
- Photography (Digital Image slideshow after editing/ retouching),
- Floral Art
- Fashion and posture
- Portrait/ figure rendering, painting,
- Essay and biography,
- Chinese poetry and Chinese calligraphy
- Body-Shaping and the Secrete of Keeping-Young.
- Alfred Leung's Biography – Artistic life related to humanity and community.

To enjoy viewing and reading sample web pages is free of charge if you are registered as a member.

However, if you are interested in studying the ways and means or the guidelines/ creative thought as how some of the artworks are created or prepared, then you are required to pay a trial or regular subscription for certain types of artworks/ media!