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Episode 79 Alfred Leung's Singing/ Stage Performance Biography
In December 2011, after I finished my 4th solo concert, I knew that my vocal was about 85~90% when compared with international stars/singers. The vocal coach Mr. Yang had watched my performance and appreciated that I improved my vocal quality in this one year self-study and research (At that time, I had finished my vocal coaching from Mr. Yang for one year. I was concentrated in my self-study/ research in vocal and design/ practice the songs and dances for my solo concerts). I decided to get to the vocal level of top international singers. In order to get to that level, I knew that I must rely on myself because even the best vocal coach may not even reach the level of a top singer. Each top singer has his own way of singing and unique tone but there must be something in common among their vocals. Otherwise, they could not be recognized as top professional singers. They should be able to do something which even vocal coaches and ordinary singers do not even aware of. I have read and studied some vocal text books (Learn to sing like a star, New approach to classical vocal (Chinese) and etc) or vocal papers from the Internet. Yes, in Feb 2012, I could do more than 90% as those mentioned in these materials. I did improved about 5% of my overall vocal by Feb 2012. But, there is still 5~10% to be gained in my vocal.

I did a self vocal performance evaluation at that time. I understand that the maximum I can catch the performance of any international singer is around 95% because the same top singer sings with the same music would have 3~5% difference between each! Just like your own signature, that no two signatures of your own are exactly the same.

Then, I further analyzed my own vocal performance in order to find out what were the techniques that I am missing if I want to attain the top singing level. They were: 1. Articulation/ intonation that pronounce the consonant(s) and vowel(s) of every single word in a lyric accurately and smoothly. This is a basic requirement of resonance. 2. Move smoothly from middle registers to the upper ones and the falsetto registers and stays in a soft, clear and charming tone. 3. To vocalize the lowest 2~3 registers with a rich, penetrative sound and feelings. 4. Rich resonance and humming that give a charming and beautiful tone to my voice. 5. To obtain good quality vibratos and endings with different manners in order to reach the mood and feeling of a lyric.

Since Feb 2012, I started co-singing with the Karaoke CD/DVD/cassettes of almost 10 top international singers. I sang and recorded my songs and then listened and analyzed the vocal differences between the original and my own. I noted down that the improvements and how I did that and what I missed. After that I adjusted my vocal route and spot (vocal muscle movements) and repeat and repeat until I felt that was the best I could do and learnt from that Karaoke CD/DVD. I changed to another singer's Karaoke and do the same practice again and again. It was really helpful by co-singing with different top singers. I could verify what I attained from one singer against the others or picked up something new that helped me overcoming some vocal problem which I came across with other songs. At the beginning of June 2012, some neighbors of my studio knocked on my door. They told me that they went home late because listening to my singing (usually between 18:00 to 19:30, & 7 days a week). They all said that my singing was wonderful and better than before although without music (I sang to music from a headphone because I was do the recording at the same time). I had the same feeling that I already got to the desire top singing level because I was really singing to the music with rich resonance and harmonic tone. I was excited, happy, sad or even crying when I was listening to my singing with the headphone. Yes, It was the "resonance" and the "feelings" which make the differences. A penetrative, attractive (Chinese saying: magnetic) and sex voice that can maintain its quality after going though a wooden door of my studio and even a corridor to my neighbors (they opened their doors in order to listen my singing sometimes)!

On July 23, 2012, when I wrote a paper about advanced level of pop song singing, I finally grasp the way how Platters, Paul Anker, Engelbert Humperdinck sing. Their songs are still very popular up to now since 50s. Their unique and charming voices play an important role in their great success. I love their songs even when I was a kid and did not even understand the English lyrics at that time! I still remember that I laid back on a wooden bench, with one of my feet hanging and swing on the other, while listening and singing to these great songs from the radio! What a wonderful great time! Do you want to retrieve your precious memories? Come and join this fans club and let us enjoy our artistic life together!....